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Oct 28, 2014 . You know it's not appropriate to write on the card, “You look like list of appropriate well wishes for someone about to go on maternity leave.May 15, 2015 . I would like to wish a colleague who is going on maternity leave. I have. [Name]. If you are good friends with this colleague then you can write something more personal. Is this being written on a greeting card? If so, it's . Examples of baby shower messages and wishes for cards.. Messages to Announce your Pregnancy - Wishes Messages Sayings · Congratulations Messages . Lots of free pregnancy card messages you can write in your card. Save time and effort by using our ready made messages in your next pregnancy card. We also . These are examples of baby congratulations messages for you to write in a card.. We hope you have a happy, healthy pregnancy and delivery. That goes for . Jul 17, 2016 . Pregnancy congratulations wording is also included.. Write something funny to make your card stand out apart from the rest: Hello, baby!Write 'Dear (Mother's First Name)' inside the card if you are close to the. Many best wishes for the remainder of your pregnancy and the birth of your little . Dec 9, 2013 . If you know someone that is expecting a TEEN, the following series of pregnancy congratulation messages can serve as a great inspiration to . Jul 21, 2014 . Sometimes when you have a friend or family member who announces their pregnancy, you have to be all sappy and send them a heartfelt note . A colleague taking maternity or parental leave is likely excited about their or if a person is being laid off, what you write in a card can come back to haunt you.

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