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Diagram of the skeleton of a cat. Cats have seven cervical vertebrae like almost all mammals, thirteen thoracic vertebrae (humans . 1. calcaneus 2. carpals 3. caudal vertebrae 4. cervical vertebrae 5. clavicle 6. costal cartilage #5 7. femur 8. fibula 9. humerus 10. hyoid apparatus 11. iliumSqueleton of a cat: carnivorous mammal of the feline family, with retractile claws. There are both wild and domestic varieties.Learn more about the anatomy and function of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons in cats.Please note, that most of the literature about the anatomy of cats is in English.. Body planes; Skeleton, teeth; Legs, claws; Pelvis, hips; Hip joint, knee joint.Comparative Anatomy of the Domestic Cat and Selected. Organs of the Sheep,. Cat Skin. Epidermis. Hair. Root. Dermis. Stratum Corneum. Skeletal System . Oct 27, 2010 . this video gives an over view of cats skeleton system.. The anatomy of the domestic cat which includes its muscles, nerves, bones, teeth ,. Without a skeleton the cat would be flat on the floor like a sloppy pudding.Cat Anatomy and Physiology. The Anatomy of Domestic Animals, 5th Edition, Sisson and Grossman, WB. .. The cat's skeleton is not so different from the.Aug 10, 1999 . This interactive tutorial on cat anatomy illustrates the relationship between. Background - How to Use - Human Anatomy Links. Axial Skeleton

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