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Bumps on the roof of your mouth are sometimes just a burn, particularly after a hot meal. This phenomenon is known as "pizza palate" because fresh slices of . There're many causes for bump on roof of mouth, from harmless conditions like smoking to dangerous diseases like oral cancer. See a doctor for early diagnosis  . Apr 11, 2014 . I've had this small lump on the roof of my mouth for at least a few years now from what I can remember. It's never bothered me before but a . May 19, 2016 . Find out about the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer in the lips, teeth, and of the mouth underneath the tongue, called the floor; roof of the mouth or spot in your mouth that lasts longer needs a professional evaluation.Oct 16, 2016 . Lumps sometimes appear in various places on the body; one common area is the roof of the mouth, but finding a bump there is not necessarily . Jan 19, 2016 . A lump or bump on roof of mouth can mean ulcers, some STDs, allergies, canker sores, mouth cancer or even infections. These lumps appear . Mar 23, 2016 . Those who are vulnerable to frequent oral acne breakouts often notice the appearance of a pimple on the roof of mouth when they have a flu or . Jun 1, 2008 . 3 days ago, i noticed while rubbing my tongue on the roof of my mouth, i have a slightly raised 'bump' approximately 2x1 cm in diameter, a mm . May 28, 2014 . I have never had sex or oral sex, but I have red spots on the roof of my mouth they are small, and I was just wondering if that could be a sign of .

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