Italy x male reader lemon
italy x male reader lemon rating
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Dec 31, 2014 . His Curl (Germany x Male!. It's the same story but changed uke male reader to uke Italy and seme germany to. I need a lemon of this XD.Jul 28, 2015 . Sorry if I mess up Germany's accent, I don't know german ;v; ) "Italy, stop it!" ( Country) whined as he struggled to get out of the italian's grasp.Dec 12, 2012 . He had accepted your feelings and shared them! Italy got on his toes to do the usual kiss on. Italy x Male!Reader - Love is Unusual.May 20, 2015 . Reader's POV! It was about noon when I got a text from my good friend Feliciano say, “VE!!~Hey (M/n) want to come over my house for dinner?Aug 2, 2014 . Kthxbai (oh and by the way, reader-chan isn't. Italy x Male!Reader.. I was going to turn it into a lemon, but it got WAY too long for my usual . Sebastian x Seme male reader {LEMON-one shot}. By MollyCooper6. 4.6K 127 173. Sebastian and (M,N) were best friends before Sebastian became a demon.Nov 1, 2015 . A Night Like This (Germany x Male!. Reader) by LocaMikiMocha. Wow, this was dangerously close to becoming a lemon.. .. Italy x Male!Nov 14, 2014 . Italy xDemon!Male!reader Ch.5.. ~Error 404 Lemon not found~. Italy smiled, " Its ok" he grabbed your hand and put it to his cheek "We would. … Teacher Male reader X EnglandArthur Kirkland sighed as he pulled into the . Mar 27, 2015 . Romano x Male! to a lot of people since it's quite hard to get along with the hot- headed Italian.. . So, this is my first go on an actual romance X reader.. But right now is that you (reader) have two endings in your head, . Jan 30, 2014 . Romano x Male Reader Lemon Mi amore (y/n) was a very nice person, always willing to help everyone around. Lovino: South Italy/Romano. x.


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