How to make a broken heart on the keyboard

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Text-based emoticons for Broken Heart.. Description: This heart (<3) has been broken (</3). It can be used to tell someone you have a broken heart.Can you type Chinese characters using computer keyboard?. How to make a gun using a keyboard?. How do yu make a transparent heart on a keyboard? Mar 9, 2016 . Is a link to the unicode info for the "Broken Heart". How can I make a heart using keyboard symbols? How do . 21 different heart symbols text and love heart signs, learn how to make heart facebook symbol text including white heart, broken heart, heart with arrow. the left ALT key instead of the right one, and I was using the wrong 3 on my keyboard .If you want to do make a broken heart, you have to make a "</3" That`s it. Hope it helps. read more. There`s no way in which you can make a purple heart . In Windows, you can insert a heart symbol (♥) using a special Alt code with your it has the to be the 3 key on the numeric pad on the right side of the keyboard. emoji characters that are available, broken down into different categories.Mar 31, 2015 . An emoticon or smiley face is a textual representation of facial expressions or emotions. Emoticons are created by using combinations of . Jan 15, 2017 . Type heart text symbols ♥ ❤ ❥ ❣ ❦ ❧ with your keyboard to put on Facebook, MySpace, etc. Reference on love heart signs.Nov 2, 2016 . In Facebook chat how do you make the heart black, instead of pink? Answer. Just enter. . Copy-paste it, or use other ways to type symbols from keyboard. Question. Answer. Yeah, my heart was broken several times before.Apr 18, 2014 . Rixton - Me and my broken heart - Piano Tutorial. Try making your own sheet music, it's fun! • Transcribed and .


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