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In this lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 1-3, students use an online interactive game to practice sorting words according to hard g and soft g sounds.Lesson Plans. Lesson 15 | 265. Students will spell words that contain the soft g and soft c sounds. from its hard to soft sound, depending on what follows it.Practice applying soft and hard c and g rules.. Introducing The Hard and Soft Cc Sounds Rules (Flash 7). Introducing The Hard and Soft Gg Sounds Rules . The letter ”g” has two sounds, hard “g” and softg”. The hard sound of “g” occurs more frequently. Its sound is heard in gas, got, gum, etc. Soft "g" sounds like “j”.Oct 30, 2014 . We typically teach students that the “hard” sounds of “c” and “g” occur most often, but they do need to know when these letters make the “soft” . Letter sound Correspondence: Introduce rule for hard and soft g: g followed by “e ”, “i”, or “y” is usually pronounced as a soft g /g/, like in the words gem and wage . Explore Michele Peer Dowell's board "Hard and Soft C/G" on Pinterest, the world's catalog of ideas.. Worksheets: Hard and Soft G # Pinterest++ for iPad #  . … and the Beanstalk? Students will explore the hard and soft g sounds by studying fairy tales and animals.. Lesson Plan Type, Minilesson. Estimated Time . Lesson for learning the soft c sound, wordmapping.. This lesson will help the student develop awareness of the hard and soft c sounds, and grow practice with developing sight. When the game is downloaded (below), the game also involves soft g words as well.. (Search the title and author listed in the lesson plan).Hard and Soft C and G Sounds [SMART Notebook lesson]. Search terms: hard and soft c sounds, word sort, c sounds, hard and soft g sounds, vortex, g sounds .

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