Biotic factors of the polar ice


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There are many other abiotic and biotic factors in the polar regions of Earth. Sponsored link. T. The abiotic factors of Antarctica are its low temperatures, small amount of precipitation and polar. Some of the Biotic factors of the polar ice ecosystem are: 1)Polar Bears2) Penguins3)Arctic foxes4)A. Therefore, animals and sea-based flora form the majority of biotic factors. Land mammals like polar. Biotic and abiotic factors include the living and non-living elements of an ecosystem that help sha. 21 million square miles of land, ice and water. Works Cited: http://classroom. Plants like Heaths and mosses have to adapt to the very long and cold winters because the sun does. Permafrost is the most significant abiotic factor in the Arctic tundra. In the summer, the top laye.


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