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Dissection is the dismembering of the body of a deceased animal or plant to study its. Dissection of a pregnant rat in a biology class. Dissection of individual organs involves accessing the a. These pages will show you pictures of parts of a dissected rat with structures identified by numbers. To quiz yourself, see if you can identify the numbered parts.This is a walk-through of the rat dissection with photos showing the key features of the rat. It is useful for a review or for students who cannot participate in . Rat Dissection. The following slides are intended to help you with dissection of the rat and then to review for the lab practical that will follow. Rat Dissection.Follow the basic cut pattern illustrated on the first page of this handout.. The diagram below illustrates the muscles of the ventral surface of the rat. Be able to . We will be looking at many different parts of the rat.. Careful dissecting techniques will be needed to observe all the structures and their connections to. . In contrast, a simple uterus, like the kind found in humans has a single chamber for the.Also, the appendicular skeleton is simple and involved with fin movement. The snake. This modification found in humans helps to support the internal organs.May 25, 2014 . We performed a rat dissection for our semester task. Just a few amateurs trying to dissect rat. This video is for educational purpose only. Mouse . Why Dissect Rats? Common research animal. Easy to breed. Large litters. Easy care. Placental Mammal like us. Similar internal organs & systems.Virtual lab helps students learn about rat anatomy in cool 3D. Rat Dissection is a straightforward virtual lab that is easy to work through, if not a thorough .
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