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Sex mirena strings

Oct 25, 2011 . If a Mirena string is cut short, it will stick straight out of the cervix like a out through the cervix you may feel that during sex and it will likely hurt.Feb 4, 2017 . Right away my husband and I experienced trouble during intercourse with the head of his penis getting poked by the string attached to the iud, . Aug 22, 2011 . 21 Answers - Posted in: mirena, birth control, contraception, sex - Answer: Mirena the strings CAN get pushed into the uterus by vigorous sex.I can feel my wife's IUD during intercourse. Is this normal?. . The MIRENA strings are a little bit curly, and they are difficult to cut. Strangely, it's . Sep 13, 2012 . A simple trip to the clinic, a gentle pull on the strings, and voilà! The IUD is. .. How has sex been with your Mirena, if you don't mind me asking?Oct 29, 2015 . Three types of IUDs, the Mirena®, Skyla®, and Liletta™, contain the hormone,. During sexual intercourse, your partner may feel the strings.Feb 15, 2015 . We clip the strings that hang down from the device, and then we remove and your partner may feel it—not just the strings—dur- ing sex," Dr.Mirena (hormonal IUD) — Overview covers definition, risks, instructions for using this type. Sex is painful for you or your partner; The IUD strings are missing or . Nov 5, 2015 . Also, don't have sex for 24 hours after the insertion, not that you'll feel. If you can 't feel the string, the string feels shorter or longer than the last . Mar 21, 2005 . She said the mirena strings are similar to fishing wire. wrap themselves around the cervical area, preventing interference during intercourse.

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