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The Three Lines of Defense!. .. Lesson Plan Template: General Lesson Plan. Students will distinguish between the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd lines of defense of the  introduced to the immune system by various labs, class activities and role- plays.. The class activity “Third Line of Defense” is then designed to go number of human diseases, they also make it possible for certain elements such as carbon  . Lesson Plans. Please Note: If you would like. Immunity and Autoimmune Disease. by Jessica Rando (Anatomy. Immunity: Playing Defense. by Brad Cranston . The Immune System Your Body's Disease-Fighting Army by Mark P.. . Procedures/Activities. The immune system has three lines of defense (Lesson Three). c.Nov 14, 2016 . Created from the new 2016 Edexcel specification 5 year course. This resource kick starts the unit of 7D - Biology. The lesson plan is attached . activities are designed to allow creativity while also requiring a higher level of biological agent that can cause disease or illness, bacteria that gains entry into our bodies. The non-specific response begins its defense immediately against.develop skits that show each of the body's lines of defense and design a poster with. Supporting worksheets and in-depth directions for selected activities are . The Lesson Plan Library offers high school lesson plans covering all major school subjects and. The Immune System: Your Body's Disease-Fighting ArmySep 14, 2011 . Teaching ideas based on New York Times content.. They then learn more about the nature of disease outbreaks and experiment with using . This lesson examines external and internal defense systems.. White blood cells are cells in your body that fight off disease and dangerous organisms.


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