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The spec: 58 Paladin/18 Void Knight/0 Tempest. Gear: Sword and board with full tank gear.Apr 1, 2015 . [Rift 3.1] How to Gear a Fresh Level 65 for PvP!. Reaver Paladin: https://youtu.. Mar 22, 2015 . New to RIFT? Create your account. [Rift 3.3] Reaver Paladin PvP Guide with Macr. Oct 29, 2016 . Paladins are heavy armor warriors in Rift: Planes of Telara who combine the art of. Rift Stalker Armor is the Tier 5 Raid Set. It contains 5 tokens are; Vanquished Champion (Rogue. The paladin wears heavy armor, a sword and a shield. The shield is used both for defense and as a w. Feb 17, 2013 . An UpgradeMe outfit is a set of gear for a particular soul build. .. VK – 61 VK /. Sep 14, 2016 . There's armor stands in every order hall. Paladins have it right as you enter t.

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