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In 2015 US government statistics put the number of laboratory animals used in research at 767622, an 8% drop from 2014. The above graph shows the . Jul 10, 2014 . The graph below shows how the total number of experiments have changed since 1946. The recent rise over the past decade has been largely . Mar 5, 2014 . Tests that use animals to assess the safety of cosmetics and. Their skin may show signs of redness, ulcers, scaling, inflammation, and . Huge manufacturers, including Unilever, Clorox, and others, continue to poison and blind animals in tests that aren't required by law.The following two charts show the breakdown and numbers of animals used in U.S. for research purposes in 2010. animals-used-in-research. Sources: Annual . $50 billion. The investments of US drug industry per year in research. 35. Find more information about Animals Used for Experimentation on PETA website.Sep 1, 2011 . The following pie chart shows the distribution of these animals by species/ category. Rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters make up most of these . Feb 17, 2014 . These are the people who monitor the use of animals in research, testing, and. The first chart shows what types of animals are used and what . Apr 22, 2015 . Bar graphs are designed for categorical variables; yet they are commonly used to present continuous data in laboratory research, animal . A breakdown of the latest national animal statistics for animal research, testing and. The below graph shows trends in Purpose of Animal Use from 1996-2014.

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