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Nov 24, 2016 . ZModem 4 dotNET A C# implementation of ZModem. So here it comes as a simple ". Java library supporting YModem, XModem,ZModem file exchanging protocols. May be helpful for crosspl. My task appears simple at first: dial into a terminal over a. Wow, ZModem and Kermit - I don'. So I read the spec for zmodem protocol but I dont understand how to start receiving the file. I sen lrzsz is a unix communication package providing the XMODEM, YMODEM ZMODEM file transfer protocols.. Modem implementations for XMODEM, YMODEM and ZMODEM.I recently put together a sketch that creates an SDCard file manager with ZModem file transfers via. Library supporting TCP/IP and file transfer Protocol with zmodem for Windows. MODBUS library Protoc.

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