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The Rune Converter transforms English letters into five systems of runic writing:. Here is the guide that will help: How to Write in Old Norse With Futhark Runes.Rune Converter : Free Online Rune Readings using Nordic Runes. Single and Three Rune readings. Runic Divination and information about Rune Stones from  . Write in runrs -The runes of the Futhark - their uses in writing and divination.Just think of the runes as an ancient alphabet called the Futhark with 24 runes instead. Norse, and eventually old English which is also known as Anglo-Saxon .. Suppose we want to transcribe HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY RINGO into runes .Here you will find a couple of programs I wrote to convert text to and from runes. Now as stated on the old Rune Translator page I'm not any kind of authority on . Jun 3, 2009 . In the age of the Vikings (800-1100AD) Scandinavia used a runic alphabet known as Younger Futhark (fuþark). It was made up of 16 sound . In fact, the Vikings left behind a great number of documents in stone, wood and metal, all written in the enigmatic symbols known as runes. They relied on these . Apr 28, 2011 . See your name spelled in runes and learn the meaning of each of the letters in the Viking alphabet.Explore Jennifer Wysocki's board "Party - Viking Birthday" on Pinterest, the world's catalog of ideas.

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