Foot injury diagram

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Click on one of the pictures below and point to the area of the foot or ankle. Diagrams are only for general education purposes and are NOT designed to be . Foot & Heel. Injuries to the foot can be acute (sudden onset) or chronic which come on gradually often through overuse. We have categorised foot pain injury . Use this foot pain self-assessment tool to find out possible causes of your foot pain and discomfort based on where your feet hurt and the level of your pain.WebMD's Feet Anatomy Page provides a detailed image and definition of the. People with diabetes should examine their feet daily for any injury or signs of . Having trouble describing the pain or discomfort in your foot or ankle? Use this diagram to find out more about your injury or condition.If you're feeling foot pain, learn about foot injuries and disorders right here. the Foot and Ankle: Interactive Foot Diagram (American College of Foot and Ankle . Feb 27, 2012 . Because we expose our feet to potential injury in our daily lives by walking, we have all experienced pains in the feet at one time or another.Find your foot pain with our interactive foot pain finder. Click on an area of the foot to display information and images about the possible cause of your foot pain.Nov 22, 2016 . Broken bones in the foot are a common injury. Signs and symptoms are pain, swelling, redness, bruising, and limping on the affected foot.

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