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Deodorant Twist-up Empty Containers (Natural) - for lotion bar, heel balm etc. polypropylene plastic; Twist-up Design, easier to use than push-up, creates . The container has a push-up design (as opposed to a twist-up type found in most deodorant containers - see below!) Our push-stick holds one ounce of product . 2 oz Natural round tubes with a twist-up (propel/repel) base. This is NOT a push- up tube. It twists up. Recommended filling temps (plus or minus 5 degrees): 145 degrees for a deodorant or lotion bar (product w/out alcohol) 165 degrees for an  . Try our Solid Glide-On Deodorant Containers, a classic plastic oval twist up. 2.5 oz White Styrene Push Up Deodorant Containers w/ White Ribbed Screw Caps . We offer a number of containers, heat seal bags, roll-on bottles, drawstring bags, jars, tins and more at a wholesale price.White Oval Deodorant Tubes w/ Caps White Styrene Push Up Deodorant Containers w/ White Ribbed Screw Caps. Plastic Tubes, 2.12 oz Natural Polypro  . To dispense contents of these deodorant containers, simply push on the natural. White Styrene Push Up Deodorant Containers (Bulk), Caps Not IncludedJul 8, 2016 . Make your own deodorant at home? This easy-to-use push-up deodorant container is the perfect dispenser for your homemade products!Packaging & Containers • Sold as Sets • Lotion Bar Tubes and Deodorant - (You Are Here - P9415). This stylish 2 oz twist up tube is perfect for lotion bars.