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National Geographic Farsi (Persian) was a free-to-air documentary channel that started broadcasting on October 15, 2011 and was shut down on May 1, 2013. It was the official Persian language edition. List of free-to-air satellite Iranian or Farsi-language television channels. Hot Bird 13B. New frequency since 1/06/2016. . National Geographic Farsi logo . Find out how to get the National Geographic Channel.. National Geographic Farsi. فارسی. Middle East - Farsi. Satellite: Eutelsat W3A Frequency: 11,221Yahsat 1A at 52.5°E , Satellite TV , Satellite TV position , Satellite frequency. National Geographic Farsi, Yahsat 1A, Position: 52.5°E, Frequency: 11958 V, (Ku  . On Nilesat 102 the following parameters: Frequency: 12.226 GHz. Polarization: Horizontal Symbol Rate: 27500. FEC : 3/4. On Arabsat BADR06 the following . Frequency. Hot Bird 4K 1, Clear, 34, Eng HEVC/UHD, -, HB9 Europe, United Kingdom adrian. . National Geographic Channel Polska, Documentary, Mediaguard 2, 116, POL. … Farsi 1 Promo, General, Clear, 3643,, 3523, HB6 Europe, Italy . Hot Bird 13B/13C/13E, 13.0 East, the satellite Hot Bird 13B/13C/13D, TV, satellite. National Geographic Polska. .. Persian Star 2, w, 2110, 2120 Far, 8021.Nov 9, 2013 . New Hotbird Channels Frequency List (frequenz - frekvens - fréquence - frecuencia. National Geographic Channel Polska. Persian Star 1National Geographic Farsi. Language, persian. National Geographic Farsi Frequencies. Channel Name, Satellite. Frequency. Pol, Symbolrate, FEC. VideoPID . Frequency, Polarization, Symbolrate, FEC. Channel Name. VPid; APid. . 11981, Vertical, 2530, 3/4. National Geographic Farsi. Satellite : Eutelsat 33A @ 33°E .


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