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Cleric - Tank - DPS - Healer. Mage - Tank - DPS - Healer. Primalist - Tank. Aggressive Fire Planar Fragment. Mutable Faestone Of Undertow. Bind On Equip .Cleric DPS is fairly well balanced with all other callings, and the game is. . What about item Procs from Trinkets, Planar essences and stuff?Calling: Warrior (75)Cleric (72)Mage (86)Rogue (76). Berserker's Sheerstone, 32, 30, Planar Essence, Lesser Essence, Merchants (4). Juggernaut's . Mar 31, 2014 . Do you enjoy my videos so much that you want to throw small amounts of currency at me so I can make poor life decisions? If you can, feel free . Aberrant Skull, 60, Planar Essence · Lesser · Abyssal Flood, 50, Planar Essence · Lesser · Abyssal Soulstone, 50, Planar Essence · Greater · Adain's Thunder . Jun 13, 2014 . Planar Attunement or 'PA' is an alternative advancement system that is. +1 AP or SP to your classes main stat (I.E Clerics – Wisdom, Mages – Intelligence,. .. Basic rewards:[Infinity Stone]and starter level 60 epic essences.Oct 22, 2014 . Cleric Inquisitor received a large variety of changes.. . Equipped planar essence in your character sheet will now show their item rarity color . Oct 7, 2015 . Defiler (Cleric Soul): Defilers afflict their opponents with blights and rot, and Nightmare Rifts are a source of the most epic of planar essences.Planar fragments and essences are frequently offered as rewards for the victors,. . The Defiler soul has long been a mainstay for Clerics, offering a mixed bag of  . Aug 27, 2011 . This Guide discusses my M*A*S*H RIFT Cleric melee-healer spec,. Every one of your lesser planar essences should have Valor on them.


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