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Jul 10, 2013 . In this Quiz lets see who you will end up in the end and how your future ends. Will It be Kaname Kuran, Zero Kiryu, Ichijo Takuma, Shiki Senri, . Jul 25, 2011 . Isn't this happy-making? Please, take, comment, rate, and like! Thank you! Thanks to your comments, I'm adding 2 new results and 4 new . I LOVE Vampire knight! It is my favorite show and manga EVA!!!!! And I hope you like it too along with this quiz that I made mostly because I was bored. Take.Jan 15, 2011 . Take this quiz to find out!. I love people, and only think the best of them unless proved otherwise! 2. What is your family like?. End of story.Aug 1, 2011 . Take this quiz to find which one is for you!. AllTheTests.com -» Love and relationship quizzesYour celebrity lover tests -» Which Manga . 1. Apr. 2011 . Vampire Knight. Vampire Knight LOVESTORY. star gold grey star grey Female. 17 Fragen. DEINE EIGENE TWILIGHT WOLF LOVESTORY ♡. . Mit diesem Quiz testest du wie gut du den Yandere Simulator wirklich kennst!1. Juli 2013 . Also das Quiz neigt sich dem Ende würdet ihr ein 2.Vampire Knight Quiz wollen? Also das Quiz neigt sich dem Ende würdet ihr ein 2.Vampire . Aug 28, 2009 . (Girls Only) what is the prefect vampire knight boy for you? find out now. 1. It`s your brithday, so what did your boyfriend get for you?do you think you're a vampire knight super fan?. 2. Who do you think is hotterthis is not a right or wrong choicethis is just your opinion. Does zero love yuuki.This selector determines your best Which Vampire knight hottie would rock ur world?. This SelectSmart.com Anime selector, a free online personality quiz, is a .

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