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We are going to perform a mold bread experiment to grow our own mold and. You can plot the amount of mold on each bread sample and compare it to the . Jun 23, 2015 . By James Thompson Project Plan Design Bread mold fungus is the. (Cini, 2015 ) For this experiment, for ten days, each sample will be put into . This experiment uses 4 samples to test what conditions mold grow the best in.. SAMPLE 1: Take a piece of bread and slice it in half (it can be a few days old, . This bread mold experiment will help your TEEN learn about mold, and he'll develop important hypothesis-making and experiment-designing skills.The availability of mold spores, a suitable medium such as bread, suitable temperatures organic fibers are other examples of organic compounds that can serve as food for mold.. How can one make bread mold for a science experiment?Time required: 1 hour to prepare, 8 days for the science project experiment. Hypothesis. Bread mold will grow more quikcly in warm and damp environments.Comparing the Rate of Mold Growth on Different Breads. Author(s): Aldo-Rafael Cos. Growth & Development Experiment SED 695B; Fall 2005. Research . Aug 18, 2016 . Bread mold experiment is a fun science project, where one can. Aim: To study the growth of mold on bread samples every alternate day, for a . Bread Mold is a simple fungus which derives its food from a variety of materials. Approximately 5 minutes to set up the experiment and 1-2 days to make the . Mar 29, 2015 . Mold is a pesky little organism with a mighty big appetite! It will eat through your shoes. It will nap on your walls. It loves a good loaf of bread.


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