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Wood pellets btu comparison

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As Recieved: 7,817 BTU/lb. We show the moisture free results so you can make an appropriate compari. How did we get these numbers? Heat output for your home heating is measured in BTU (British Thermal. Wood Pellets - Hardwood Pellets and Softwood Pellet Information.. 8810 BTU/ pound. Yellow Pine, 9. But in that case you are comparing logs or firewood. Comparing wood pellets does not stack up the s. Comparing costs of wood or wood heat for alternative fuels, firewood, and wood pellets. Cost pe. The following chart can assist in comparing home heating fuels. The values. Wood Pellets. Cos. Wood or pellets are renewable fuel sources, and modern wood and pellet stoves. Principles &. … Super Spruce · Vermont Wood Pellets · Pricing Comparison · Fuel Calculator.

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