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Nov 18, 2013 . I had heard rave reviews about the Snake Oil juice from T Max over of both the UK Vapers and POTV forum and decided I really needed to give . Apr 20, 2016 . In this vaping review I take a look at a new liquid named sands of time , my take on it is : it's a mango flavoured citrus with a undertone of cream . Sep 14, 2013 . Can be purchased here, http://tmax-juices.co.uk/ what a lovely satisfying vape :) Subscribe to be kept up to date with my latest ecig videos :) Was speaking to Tmax recently and my first order was no.. I normally vape at 0.4 at 100w but with this juice if you take too long of a pull it just . I haven't bought any juices based on reviews on this site as the top rated juices don't have. … Thank you Tmax for a great e liquid (best I've ever tasted) 10/10.Tmax Juices Original e-liquid producers in the UK Dr Stanley. … Reviews. 5.0. 24 Reviews. Tell people what you think. Samantha Kent. · November 21, 2016.Jan 3, 2017 . Here's our top 10 list of the best VG e-juice flavors on the market.. Not all of Mitten Vapors' juices get rave reviews, but the response to fourth in our best e- liquid vendors poll) and it's the only blend that comes in max VG.Don't risk buying another batch of unsavory e-juice - simply read our guide, updated. This fact especially applies to VG dominant or max VG flavors since VG is . TPD Compliant eJuice eLiquid Tmax Juices, We sell Dr Stanley Clark's Original Recipe - Snake Oil - Sands of Time.Feb 6, 2017 . We look at the best e-juice flavors, brands & vendors on the vaping market.. If you are after some great mouth-to-lung e-liquid or max VG. .. your reviews for a while and never commented yet but i feel the need to now.

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