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Home >> High School Graduation Speeches >> Principal Graduation Speeches. First off let me give my warmest congratulations to the class of 2017.Jun 29, 2010 . Parents, I want to thank you for bringing your TEENren to our school and. . transparent graduation speech by a primary school principal whose . Below are thirteen graduation speeches I have delivered as a principal or headmaster or head of school– some for elementary school students, some for middle . Principal Graduation Speeches - Free Graduation Speeches With Good Quotes and weave one or two pertinent quotes into your high school graduation speech.. Who can forget wh. One of the primary goals of a principal's speech at graduation is to connect to the draw on the experiences these specific students have had at the school.Jul 19, 2010 . This speech was delivered by Melanie Ward, Principal of Mendon Center Elementary School on June 22, 2010 on its annual Moving Up Day .

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