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The Boston accent is the local accent of Eastern New England English spoken specifically in. . The Boston accent has a highly distinctive system of low vowels, even in speakers who do not drop /r/. Is usually paired with 'wicked'. The Boston Red Sox are wicked pissah. ( Followed by. . Bad: "F*ckin pissah, i failed my final and have to take summer classes".However; the phrase is almost exclusively used in the sarcastic sense. Man 1: " Sorry bro, I need yah to cover my shift tomorrow." Man 2: "Wicked Pissah; Not like  . He actually loves Austin and it wouldn't surprise me if one day he chose to live there.. . When my husband & I were brainstorming what "Wicked Pissah" could mean. I probably woudln't buy the T shirt for a TEEN either because it does have a  . Wicked Pissa - How to Talk Like a Bostonian. You may have noticed that people from Boston talk funny. Although it is hard for non-native speakers to hear . Mar 10, 2000 . This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of wicked pissa is. The slang word / phrase / acronym wicked pissa means. . Online Slang Dictionary.. Definitions include: to have sex. torque a wicked cable.Jan 2, 2010 . I have "Slang O' The Day" as a panel on my iGoogle page. http://slang.otheday. com/2010/01/wicked-pissa/ It seems that the Boston accent . The famous Wicked Pissah t-shirt is awesome and a must have for any Chowdahead out there. Represent Boston & New England with this classic saying.Wicked independent. Our Price: $21.99. Wicked awesome. Our Price: $21.99. Wicked accent fah the world to see. It doesn't get more wicked pissah than this!Jan 5, 2012 . Bahstan has a wicked pissah of an accent to nail on the big screen. owned on the streets of Dorchester, aka Dahchestah, back in the day.



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