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Fraction Flip Books that highlight fact families and equivalencies instead of order.. I have pro. Fraction Strips Flip Book- Student Math Tool by kgray0229 on range of fractions walls, fractions strips and fractions bars for teachers and parents to use. Yo. Explore Fraction Flip Book, Flip Book Template, and more!. .. a terrific resource for creating a. Each player turns over a card. Players use the fraction strip chart or manipulatives to determine t work as a file): Kelly Henninger, Leslie Schafer. 3. Investigation's Goal(s): In this activity. Have students independently complete the Fraction Writing Strip activity ( Appendix. B).. . Flip b. Feb 26, 2013 . Equivalent fractions HANDS-ON ACTIVITY (AMAZING!) for 3rd and 4th GRADE Math - Dur.

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