Tupac autopsy photo neck tattoo

Tupac autopsy photo neck tattoo

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Firstly, the tattoo seen on 2pac's right side of his neck "MAKAVELI" is not seen in the autopsy picture .. As if that wasn't enough, it is visible even . However, his tattoos at the time of death do not match the photo.. . An autopsy would reveal that Amy had been beaten, burned with cigarettes, raped and sodomized. . real celebrity autopsy photos on Death Of Anna Nicole Smith Celebrity Autopsy Com. … In May 2003, an aggressive tumor was found in Hepburn's neck.Sep 14, 2011 . To commemorate, West Coast Sound is featuring Tupac stories all week. coalesced around Tupac only a year before his death, The Outlawz. When he started doing photos with his shirt off, people noticed he had a lot of tattoos.. We all got tatted on our neck together when he got Makaveli on his neck.May 21, 2014 . Fake Autopsy Photo: no entrance or exit wounds for the attributed. One of its agents, Tupac Shakur, seemingly has evaporated into thin air. Dec 28, 2012 . The main one is that his neck tatto (that says, "Makaveli") is missing.". "But the problem is: You can see the tattoo in the photo, just a simple . View the Tupac Shakur Autopsy Photo.. Thats not Tupac. Where is the Afeni Shakur tattoo that he got on his neck the day before the tyson fight? WTF.There is no Makaveli tattoo on his neck. Most autopsies don't get done untill days, possibly weeks after death. Why was this different for Tupac. The pic could . May 9, 2014 . The fake Tupac Shakur autopsy photo dispute has been settled and and pictures and you will find he has a tattoo on his neck in this picture . Jan 30, 2015 . 2pac shakur tupac last photo suge knight las vegas september 7 1996. Makes that “autopsy photo” really pop as a fake, if you ask me!. . Yea if that's really tu pac where are all his tattoos on his chest .thats, a picture from aoviedo tu pac was in when he got shot.look at the neck look it up on how he . Oct 5, 2016 . 2PAC ALIVE MISSING FINGERS AND MAKAVELI TATTOO ON NECK LOOK CLOSE AND THE THUG LIFE BENNIE IS JUST A THROW OFF.

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