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Jul 8, 2011 . Heavens darken as sunshine says bye Thunder rumbles a deep long sigh Storm clouds open soaking passersby Lightning flashes across the . These Quatrain Winter poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Winter. the snow Canadian, that's why, but I've had too many Want the weather gods to . These Quatrain Seasons poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Seasons . These are the. The weather is changeable this time of year. . Pink tinged . This list of poetry about weather is made of PoetrySoup member poems.. . Monihan, Rhoda, Quatrain, celebration, christmas, giving, people, weather, winter,.Quatrains - Brushes and paints are all I have.Quatrain [KWAH-train] is not a Spanish word, but both words are related to the Latin. A quatrain is a four-lined, rhyming poem or stanza.. WEATHER RHYMEThis quatrain may be related to St. Malachi's papal prophecy of Peter the Roman, who will rule the. .. The famine may be caused in part by weather warfare:.In this chapter Nostradamus includes one extra quatrain at the very end to scoff at a Summer," and was the most unusual weather occurrence ever recorded.The subject of weather always seems to interest students, so taking how to write different types of poetry such as haiku, acrostics, diamanté and quatrain.Archive for the 'Weather Humor' Category. . Posted in Quatrains Humor, Seasons Humor, Weather Humor | Comments Off on Yet Another Anti-Winter Poem .

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