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These settings are typically obtained from an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Either anonymous (proxy to use a proxy server) . You can use the basic Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) file that ships with the ProxySG appliance, but if you want to create custom PAC settings for your . #inline accelerated-pac EOF <paste PAC file contents here> EOF. where: <paste PAC file contents here> is the PAC file contents you copied in step 2; paste the . Download Explicit Proxy Settings from a PAC File. 12. Edit the Accelerated PAC File. 12. Deploy the PAC File from the ProxySG Appliance. 13. .. base.pac" ).A PAC file is a JavaScript file that defines a FindProxyForURL function, which tells the a read-only default PAC file, which specifies to use the appliance as the proxy server:. Next Step: Edit the Accelerated PAC File. Knowledge Base.Both FF & IE use a proxy.pac (also known as wpad.dat) for their configuration, they just "look. Proxy> enable Proxy# conf t Proxy# inline accelerated-pac 123 .How do I configure a Group Policy so that Internet Explorer uses the PAC file? *. What is Internet Explorer Automatic Proxy Result Cache?. . (http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Proxy_auto-config) with additions from the Websense knowledge base.This page includes a PAC file example which has been proven to be flexible, easy to. Proxy bypass rules for private IP networks, internal hostnames, and hosts . Hi everyone, In our environment we have deployed Computers with both PAC file location and Proxy. We are using MWG 7.4 Need to . Jul 25, 2014 . This Knowledge Base article references software which is not maintained or. By default, the proxy PAC file would be hosted on port 9001.

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