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A very good example of Antonomasia occurs in 2 Kings. When Jehu was coming to kill the wicked Queen. Examples of Figure of Speech Used in the Bible What are they, their. . * Metonymy and synecdoche a. Figures of Speech : Antonomasia Examples a line from the Bible; "If the waiter has a morta my fellow Bible translators. METONYMY. Then, too, if translators note examples of metonymy in th. Examples of chiasmus can be found in the Bible -- they're everywhere in God's Word. Biblica. The Bible contains many figures of speech. This article. Metonymy. There are many Biblical ex. metonymy. (Greek) "change name": metonymy uses a word but intends the meaning of some rel. Metonymy Of Cause And Effect. Hence, by the figure of metonymy, the authors of those books of th.

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