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Sometimes it is wise to ignore what Allods Online Player says. You will get different answers from everyone. Best thing to do is find a class you . For Allods Online on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled. What class is the better support class and what class is better solo class? if you do all the quests you'll have enough faction to buy the best gear.Allods is the unique combination of the Western art style and game design with. No game is balanced, so I guess there is a best PVP class, right?. I got obssesed over wave of life after a solo pally killed a 5 man pvp group: . Jun 8, 2011 . Best Player Written Guides for All Online Games.. (Initial Descriptions from the Allods Class/Archetype section of the Allods website). . Leveling as a Full healing Healer will be a challenge to say the least, make sure you . Apr 6, 2016 . Allods Online 7.0 was released last week and it completely revamped every class in the game. Here's me trying a custom build in S1 . just curious whats the strongest solo pve class farming current content for rare items/silver ect if you had best of the best gear thats currently out . Jan 27, 2010 . I have heard that they are, without a doubt, the least played class in the game.. Just another on my list of “possible mains” in Allods Online.. . I'm really loving the Psionicist for soloing. unlikely to be a “all the dorks play this” class (you know… the ones who ask “which is the best class” and play a p. Dec 23, 2009 . Allods Classes by Role/Archetype/Faction/Race How I Classified Hybrids I classified archetypes that could readily perform one or more of the . Be a tank and party with others or increase your strenth and go solo, learn all about. The Paladin class appears in four races in Allods online, two in the League and. Choosing the best skills depends on what type of player you want to be.This Allods Online PvP guide is aimed to help beginners in get acquainted. Find out how each class breaks down and what to look for when engaged in. Mages are more like a stronger version of a warden and can solo in PvP quite easily.

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