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No te quedes inmóvil al borde del camino no congeles el júbilo no quieras con desgana no te salves. Mario Benedetti. Poemas de otros (1973-1974). No te quedes inmó not love without wanting do not save yourself do not judge yourself with no time. But, if af. Jan 17, 2012 . Read more of Mario Benedetti's work (click here for information and purchase). .Nov 2, 2014 . Translation of 'No te salves' by Mario Benedetti (Mario Orlando Hardy Hamlet. Jun 17, 2015 . Mario Benedetti - No te Salves No te salves no te llenes de calma no reserves del. Before Office Poems, for example, such subjects had been considered antipoetic, since there was not. Poemas Psy: No te salves (M. Benedetti). Message Subject: (Your Name) has forwarded a page to yo.


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