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Sep 19, 2015 . Creating a Counselor Activity Log with Google Forms. I will still keep a file on each student I see with more specific notes and memory aides.Use this Student Activity Log to record your activities both in and out of school. It will be a. Student Activity Log-document saved as a document so you can neatly type activities and edit as often as needed. Student Activity Log--Example.These awesome counseling forms can be found and downloaded from a wonderful school counselor's webpage called Elementary School Counseling. I used these forms this. My favorite one is the Communication Log form that I've attached below. . If you are looking for a. Counseling Lessons. Anger Management (1) . Elementary School Counselor's Blog: Do you Drive? Google Drive forms. … Exploring School Counseling: Creating a Counselor Activity Log with Google Forms . School Counseling Practicum Activity Log. Department of Counseling and Student Development. Eastern Illinois University. Supervisee Name: Semester:.Lesson Plan · School Counseling Curriculum Action Plan · School Counseling Curriculum Results Report. School Counseling Program AssessmentMay 26, 2015 . Connect With the Counselor - Example from Carol Miller of The. Counselor Activity Log - Google form Exploring School Counseling read by various people, school counselors often keep “anecdotal notes,” which are separate from the. Sexual activity between minors and adults (even with consent). . log, please see the example given on page 6 as “Parent Contact Log.Activity Description: This protocol explains the school counselor's. Counselor Log (WVDE School Counseling Website -log). A sample documentation notebook can be found on the school counseling . 1, School Counselor Weekly Time-Use Log. 2. For example, if you worked from 6:00 to 7:00 on a program-management activity, you would. 42, enter the .

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