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Sep 7, 2016 . A swollen uvula (uvulitis) is a rare condition that is most often. . my back it feels like the roof of my mouth is falling and if I'm not elevated stops . The common cause of swollen uvula is dryness. A dry throat because of dehydration or sleeping with opened mouth can cause uvula to get infected and swollen . Jan 9, 2017 . A swollen uvula involves inflammation that can cause difficulty that affects the roof of the mouth (palate), causing the uvula to be absent or . Jun 13, 2016 . Your uvula is the fleshy piece of tissue hanging down over your tongue toward the back of your mouth. Learn more about the possible causes . Jun 10, 2016 . Explaining the causes and treatment of uvulitis, or a swollen uvula. is an organ that descends from the soft palate (the roof of your mouth).Two common reasons for a swollen roof of the mouth include canker sores and burnt tissue along the roof of the mouth, according to MedlinePlus. The remedies  . May 3, 2016 . Medically, a swollen uvula is termed as uvulitis. affects the roof of the mouth resulting in abnormalities of the uvula, such as enlargement.Certain genetic conditions may result in abnormalities of the uvula such as enlargement. Palate/cleft lip is a condition that mostly affects the roof of the mouth  . The roof of my mouth is white, and the uvula is swollen and almost touching the back of my tongue. I feel like I should keep swallowing. Never happened before.


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