Specks in sputum

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Sep 8, 2006 . Brown flecks in phlegm. borninquisitive. Starting back in last winter, I noticed (on. Aug 24, 2005 . I have COPD. I used to cough often and easily brought up phlegm. My family doctor. Specks in phlegm are most likely dried blood because you picked your nose and nicked it or food fro. Light brown specks in phlegm, in the morning. Clears up during the day.No cough, no chest pain, no. Jun 13, 2016 . Coughing up discolored flecks in phlegm means needing to . General Discussions on all physical issues including; hair loss, asthma, arthritis, disorders, . It may completely discolor the mucus or appear as streaks or spots. Pink sputum is also a sign of b. Nov 25, 2010 . In medical terms, phlegm is known as sputum or. Blood in mucus appears as red o.


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