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A letter bank is a relative of the anagram where all the letters of one word (the " bank") can be used as many times as desired (minimum of once each) to make a  . A letter confirming that a line of credit has been secured from a financial institution or bank. The bank confirms that a person is eligible for a specified amount of . SAMPLE OF A BANK LETTER. (on Bank letterhead). CERTIFICATE. We, the undersigned (bank's name and contact information), certify that our client, Mr.Define bank letter: a periodical reviewing economic and financial developments that is issued by a bank.Definition of bank to bank letter of credit (L/C): Letter of credit issued by one bank to another as a security for a loan advanced to a third party.A bank reference is a letter from bank where you have account. Letter is stating that you are their customer for a certain period of years. A bank reference should  . Bank account verification Letter for US visitor visa purpose. Sponsor may need to provide this letter for inviting parents or relatives for US visa interview.According to Investopedia, a bank comfort letter outlines the ability of a person to pay their debts to a debtor. Banks use this letter to support a borrower's ability . A letter of credit is a bank's written promise that it will make a customer's (the holder) payment to a vendor (called the beneficiary) if the customer does not.A letter of good standing is an official letter from the bank responsible for your credit facilities. This must be an original letter on.