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HT22I User Manual Contents Introduction 1 Company History. 1 Problems with Metal Key Systems. 1 Benefits of Onity Electronic Systems. 1 System . Close. HT22 Demo. Page Content. Learn how the HT22 Electronic Locking System works by watching our on-line demo. HTML tutorial. Privacy notice | Terms of . Perfect for small to medium sized properties, HT22 includes a direct PMS interface without requiring a PC. ​. ​. HT24w. Crafted for any property size, this . Fully featured stand-alone system, no PC required; Specially designed for properties with up to 500 rooms; Insertion or Motorized Encoding Technology; Direct . Whatever your requirements, Onity has an electronic locking solution to fit your needs.. HT22I | Manual Insertion Encoder. The Onity HT22i system gives you total control of your property in a PC-free and PMS compatible solution.
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