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In poetry, a Ballad stanza is the four-line stanza, known as a quatrain, most often found in the folk ballad. This form consists of alternating four- and three-stress . These Quatrain Baseball poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Baseball . These are the best examples of Quatrain Baseball poems written by . … quatrain poetry. Read quatrain poems. View a list of poems in the Quatrain form and see a definition.. He Was The Man · Bradfield, Larry, Quatrain, baseball.Spitball Magazine would like to acknowledge outstanding baseball poems by selecting a baseball poem of the month. If you would like to submit your baseball  . Jul 8, 2001 . John Leland article on spate of recent books that collect lyrics and other writings of rock 'n' roll musicians; says rock songs need blur of music to . Oct 31, 2010 . To celebrate this season I write today about baseball poems.. True, its rhyming couplets – arranged in thirteen quatrains – can get stilted, and . In addition to the pure fun of doing these quatrains and remixing them, there is support for. .. Baseball: nine, basketball: five, football and cricket: eleven, egad!Sep 20, 2002 . How many outs in an inning of baseball - trivia question /questions. What is the name of a 14 line poem composed of three quatrains and one . Nov 2, 2016 . There are about a thousand quatrains, most containing more than one prediction and all but a few described in vague, obscure terms. Over the . Quatrains composed of decasyllabic lines with rhyme scheme aaba bbcb ccdc … zzaz. Attributed to: never heard of baseball, bagels, or flan. Like a fish to an .
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