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Spike TV answers all of the burning questions men have been dying to ask, but never found socially acceptable in the comedic late-night series, MANswers. Manswers is a late night comedy series that premiered on Spike on September 19, 2007.. MANswers opening.PNG. No. of episodes, 39 (list of episodes). Episode Recap MANswers on Watch MANswers episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. Mar 28, 2012 . As listeners of the Film Drunk Frotcast know, “Manswers” is a Spike series that asks a number of manly, often skeevy questions that guys . For your convenience, I will list all of the top 25 MANswers below, along with the bonus MANswers that appear in the DVD. The letters to the right of the episode .

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