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Sep 26, 2012 . Paul Klee has quickly become one of my favorite artists to showcase in my art room. My project of the week? A reworking of an old continuous line drawing in the style of Paul Klee. I. Art Projects for TEENs: How To Draw Like Paul Klee. Save. . 2. Paul Klee Art Lesson, házikók. Save. May 5, 2013 . 3 simple lessons on Paul Klee. Lots of. Art Paul Klee - the 3.doc; Art Paul Klee. Art projects for elementary school inspired by Paul Klee.Jun 16, 2015 . PAUL-KLEE Castle and Sun. In the TEENren's Book of Art they show Klee's p. Jun 17, 2013 . Castle and Sun, like Paul Klee blog Arteascuola from Miriam Paternoster, I cam. Jan 18, 2016 . Paul Klee was an important painter in the history of modern art. I have always bee.

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