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Month-to-month tenants must be given written notice of at least 20 days. If a tenant who has received a 20-day notice to vacate does not vacate within the . Sample Letter: Notice of Intent to Vacate. Name. Address. Date. Landlord Name. Landlord Address. Dear Landlord: The Landlord/Tenant Act of Washington . Washington Notice to Vacate Form can be used by landlords or tenants in Washington to inform the other party of their intent to vacate residential rental property . After the termination date if the tenants still have not vacated the process is the same as for a 3-day notice to pay rent or vacate and/or 10-day notice to comply or  . Landlords should use the Washington 20 Day Notice to Vacate to properly terminate a month to month tenancy with out any cause.Pursuant to the Washington Residential Landlord Tennant Act (RCW 59.18.010 et providing you written notice of my intent to vacate my rental premises and . Tenant's Notice of Intent to Move is a written notice by Tenant stating the intention to move out from the rented premises.Sample Intent to Vacate Letter. July 15, 2013. Grover Hills Apartments. Sally Buchanan. 951 E. Hemming Way. Grover Hills, WA 48579. Wesley Tannen. . Notice of Intent to Vacate. Washington state law requires that month-to-month tenants give landlords at least 20 days' written notice before vacating their units.Find out Washington rules for how much notice you (and your landlord) must give. In some situations, you may be able to move out with less (or no) notice—for .


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