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Our Adipex-P Side Effects Drug Center provides a comprehensive view of of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, . The presence of other medical problems may affect the use of phentermine.. . have chest pain, swelling of your feet or lower legs, or trouble with breathing.Mar 26, 2015 . Phentermine Side Effects Indicative Of Heart Problems as palpitations, dizziness, short sharp chest pains, shortness of breath and arm pain, . Sep 16, 2009 . Adipex increases heart rate and blood pressure while decreasing appetite. diet drugs (e.g. Phen-Fen or Redux) can cause heart damage and lung problems,. Shortness of breath; Chest pain; Weakness; Fatigue; Fainting.A report on what Phentermine is, how it works, it's side effects and user feedback. an allergic reaction (difficulty breathing; throat closing up; swelling of your . Jun 17, 2015 . Phentermine hydrochloride affects the cardiovascular system in much the same. Patients develop cough, shortness of breath and chest pain.Jul 18, 2015 . Phentermine is a supplement medication used along with diet and exercise. trouble breathing and swelling of your stomach, ankles and feet.Even today almost one year later I still have trouble breathing. And I beleive. I looked to other medication to fill that void of not taking Adipex.Nov 15, 2016 . Difficulty breathing, Passing out. Chest pain, Trouble dealing with daily activities. Lower leg or feet edema, Extreme happiness or sadness . Dec 16, 2014 . Phentermine (Adipex-P, Suprenza, Ionamin) is used for weight loss.. Difficulty breathing; Chest pain; Feeling faint; Swelling in the feet, ankles, .

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