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An emoticon (ee-MOHT-i-kon) is a pictorial representation of a facial expression using. This style arose on ASCII NET of Japan in 1986. As social. Emoticons for a smiley face :-) and sad face. AIM Smiley Faces, Free AIM Smiley Sets, New AIM Smiles, New Faces.. (AIM faces work only with AIM 5.0+). [New AIM Smiley Faces] [ASCII Smiley Faces].In the beginning of internet and instant messaging – lack of face-to-face talk. . Love and kissing Japanese emoticons often use character ♡ (heart) or its . Heart failure is a condition that develops when the heart's muscle becomes weakened that will help you remember the symptoms of heart failure: F.A.C.E.S.I aim with my eye.I do not shoot. “I do not aim with my hand; he who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I aim with my. I kill with my heart.”.Aug 19, 2015 . “She just taps the heart and it starts beating,” the former employee, Holly brain is harvested by cutting the baby's head open through its face.A smiling face with heart shaped eyes and open mouth.. One look at the heart- shaped eyes says it all, this emoji is head over heals and. ASCII Conversion.

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