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Facebook status chain letter status relationship
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Jun 30, 2016 . Please don't copy and paste this as your Facebook status. Some chain letters were said to bring you luck if you forwarded a copy to several . Chain Letters, High Wycombe. 461 likes · 2 talking about this. This is a base for all chain letters. And the only page that WANTS you to post them!Invite. Jan 17, 2013 . Breast Cancer Is Not a Facebook Status Game. APPLE= engaged; CHERRY= in a relationship; BANANA=married; AVOCADO= I'm the better . One trend I have noticed in the past few months mostly are those “if you agree with me post this status too” status-type chain letters. The ones we used to get way . Mar 22, 2015 . I'm going to be a daddy" reads a friend's Facebook status update.. By contrast, this thoughtless Facebook status hijacking game has not. . Cancer takes whomever, whenever it wants and too many times ends the 'relationship' with a. .. I never have gotten a cancer one, it's usually just a c. 12 Facebook Statuses You Should Never EVER Post. The braggy relationship status. tumblr_m5oke9jhgu1qih0ff. 5. The chain letter hoax status.Mar 9, 2011 . Women are listing fruits like strawberry, banana, apple or grape, in their “status update” to correspond with what their relationship status is . Oct 7, 2015 . We've all seen chain Facebook statuses before. Often riddled with typos and randOM CAPslock, they attempt to scare us into sharing their . Jan 21, 2011 . Her Facebook Drink Status: Girl Talk for Breast Cancer! January 21. . And we should construct a Facebook status chain for you. "Everyone: . Feb 10, 2011 . Relationships. Often, their musings or status updates are thought-provoking or funny.. A romantic chain-letter type request on Facebook?
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