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Jul 22, 2010 . We have a Squid transparent proxy running, it's great, awesome dare I say. acl local-servers dstdomain always_direct allow . Oct 3, 2011 . i am using squid with adzap, it possible that squid/adzap does not deny manager # Deny requests to certain unsafe ports http_access deny ! other access to this proxy http_access deny all # Squid normally listens to port . We're running SmartFilter (an Internet content filter) on RedHat Linux Enterprise and squid. Traffic is directied to our proxy from our member . Jan 23, 2012 . To exclude your local domain sites / range from cache, use following. If you are using SQUID proxy server and you don't want to cache few sites , use the following. Howto Exclude Specific Extension from Caching. Similarly . Feb 24, 2010 . Bypass Authentication for certain sites. Warning:. Outline. A very common setup in forward proxy design calls for two different access pass tradelink acl tradelink-domain dstdomain Those IP/ domain will not take a caching and direct bypass squid proxy to the site.It is possible to exclude a specific internal IP address (for the. What he'd be looking for is the, Do not cache these domains (one per line), in the same area.. For bypassing SQUID for one IP (no matter the destination) add in . Domain Config Check. Overview · General Name Server Tests · Specific Name Server Tests. If Squid is not installed, refer to the Installing Squid Proxy Server article. If authentication. Squid whitelists are created using the acl whitelist directive. To setup a small. In this example three domains are whitelisted.. Many administrators do not seem to recognize the true purpose of a proxy. That is to make sure nothing but a certain protocol is used through the proxy. Squid is . Jan 30, 2013 . I had a problem with some AJAX based web sites, after some debugging a figured out that problems comes caching proxy (squid3).


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