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List all words that contain ai. 3257 words found. abigail · abigails · abstain · abstained · abstainer · abstainers · abstaining · abstains · acclaim · acclaimedCommon Spellings of the Long A Sound. You will want to choose words. AI: high frequency words and words found in content area texts. Lots of AY words:  . Do with long vowel sounds (a_e, ay, ai, etc) but do pictures of objects on the stick so they have to remember how to spell it.. . A Turn to Learn: -ay Word Family Computer/Smartboard Lesson. . If you like this product, please take a minute to .Words using the long a spelling pattern (ai) and (eigh).. I have listed a few of the common words that begin or end with “a”, sounding like short “u”. Have the . a-e as in snake, ai as in train, ay as in pray, ei as in reindeer. Add e on the end. Many words use a-e to spell the long /ā/ sound. Some examples: The next most . Learn about the words: ai words - set 1 using Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check,. Why not practice spelling the long a sound by working through this list of ai . Learn about the words: ey and ei words using Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check, spelling games, spelling. A few words use ey or ei to spell the long /a/ sound.Jun 16, 2014 . A vowel sound is considered long when that vowel is read as its name, like the letter A in the words “aim” and “enable.” A vowel is short when  any previous sounds the student needs work on. Write and Say Sounds: Write each of the sounds 5 to 10 times: ai, ay, oa, oe, ee . Making Words: Make words . Dec 2, 2013 . ''ai' and 'ay' make the same sound, 'A'. This Nessy animation. 'Like' our Facebook page - http://facebook.com/Nessy.Learning ▻ Follow us on .

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