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I found this along with a lot of old watchmaker tools and watches.. . This is an antique crown holding chuck that is made to fit into a split collet, and then in a . PEERLESS 8mm WATCHMAKER LATHE COLLETS VARIOUS SIZES. I have a 78 year old watchmaker friend that uses nothing but this, and never saw a K . Levin 8mm "WW" collet. All collets are in good, clean, used condition and are marked Levin with the collet number or fraction. Some may have blemishes or . Sorry to keep asking questions. ..:-x But I am in a field that I know very little about. ..can I ask if anyone knows anything other than what it.Feb 18, 2008 . In my shop currently, I use an old american watchmaker's lathe.. The lathe has a selection of about 12 collets (the largest being about 3mm), . I happened across a "new-old-stock," Favorite brand jewelling tool.. .. to form the threads found on collets and the drawbar of the watchmaker's lathe (this pair is . The watchmaker's lathe is the most versatile tool at his command.. Alterations like changing the diameter of the roller seat, the collet seat, or the wheel seat on . Far more useful than the old paper based machines that require special paper and ink.. (Retired Watchmaker) Set of 48 metric collets from .3mm to 5.0 mm.#104813 Micrometer: Old timer, 0-25mm; $8.. #6945B Modern Watch & Clock Repair: Good condition but spline is partially broken, hardcover 227 pages; $12. #104682 Hand/Collet Lift: Lever for lifting collets, can also be used for hands; $8 . Find great deals on eBay for Watchmakers Lathe in Tools and Repair Kits for. WATCHMAKERS LATHE 6mm DRIVING COLLET WITH 14 ATTACHMENTS .

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