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Mar 23, 2008 . Dr Randy Dick of Liberty Manor Baptist Church, Easter Monologue of Pontius Pilate. Mar 31, 2015 . I am Pontius Pilate, Roman governor of Judea. I remember the day they. Monologu. Dec 8, 2008 . He said, Pilate, you have a fine government; just let your hand be firm and your wo. Summary: A full-scale Easter passion play, beginning with the Palm Sunday entry. . some imaginati. monologues by the apostle Peter, along with a monologue/conversation of Joseph of. .. You have co. Well, on the day of the execution the three of us were in a holding cell near Pilate's palace.. Pilate is sitting on his chair; Jesus is brought before him by two soldiers. The Pharisees are gath. Characters include Peter, Pilate, Mary Magdalene, Judas, Caiaphas, and Mary. Each perceptive monolo.

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