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The thermometer is used as a visual aid to illustrate how feelings can change from anger, frustration and disappointment (red hot zone) down to happy, relaxed  . The leader's guide is focused on anger management and feelings, plus. .. This laminated Calm Down Thermometer Poster can be used by teachers in the . Tips on ways to use academic, persistence, social and emotional coaching while. . The poster has a brightly colored thermometer in the middle with a Velcro . Fostering social and emotional competence: Implementing Dina Dinosaur's. .. The anger thermometer is used to teach TEENren self-control and to monitor their.emotional regulation curriculum for all students in the classroom. While the of an entire school year. Lesson. .. III-20 Feeling Thermometer Experiment. X. X. X.Relaxation. Thermometer. Mad. Relaxed. Take 3 deep breaths. 1. . . 2. . . 3. Adapted from Incredible Years Dinosaur School . Apr 17, 2014 . Incredible Years Calm Down Thermometer Poster. When the lesson is presented Dina Dinosaur talks about being calm and safe. She models . Julie Steffen, Director of The Incredible Years program at Invest in TEENs, recalls. “TEENren love talking about feelings and love pretending to 'feel' different. One day, Wally [an Incredible Years puppet] introduced the relaxation thermometer, . YouTube | Facebook | The Incredible Years Website | Forward to a Friend. Tuesday March 26,. 2013 for TEENren with social and emotional problems, Diane chose the Incredible. Calm Down Thermometer in Arabic. Primary Grade Teacher . Take 3 deep breaths…1..2..3. Adapted from Incredible Years Dinosaur School. Relaxation Thermometer. 7. Focus and Learning. ❖ Emotional Regulation.

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