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The Empty Pot Unit and Lapbook. Author: Demi ISBN: 0805049002 level 3 unit study and lapbook prepared by. Wende and Ami . This lesson will help students identify the moral of the story The Empty Pot by. The students will share their pictures and text-supported evidence with the class.Empty Pot Activities. Synopsis: The Empty Pot by Demi is the story of an Emperor in China who needed to select a successor to his throne. Since he loved . Materials for Activity A copy of story, "The Empty Pot" Optional: “The Empty Pot” coloring sheet, and crayons Preparation for Activity Download, and.We will determine the message of the story by comparing how different characters acted. Prepare. Independent student worksheet. Not Provided: The Empty Pot. LESSONS & UNITS: THE EMPTY POT 2ND GRADE UNIT. Read- Aloud . Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. A Chinese boy with an green thumb wins the. . TEENren as young as 3 will enjoy the story for it's engaging pictures and the moral message is appropriate for any age. Read more. 0Comment| 29 . Feb 22, 2009 . Finally, approaching Ping, he asks why the pot is empty.. After sharing this story together, allow TEENren to create pictures using paper . Project Cornerstone ABC Program Year 2 Book: Empty Pot by Demi.. An activity to do for Trustworthiness After reading the Empty Pot. Save Learn more at Uploaded by. 6. educated for love: The Empty Pot - a Story for Planting Seeds. SaveThis story activity includes: A Foldable Pot Story Extension with. -Text to Text, Self , and World Connections Page. -Extending the ending of the story page.Apr 20, 2012 . The Empty Pot by Demi, a Chinese folktale, is one of my go-to faves to contest to grow the most beautiful flower at the beginning of the story?

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