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Eminem's Use of Literary Devices. “Lyrics are poetry.” – Mr. Heinegg. Look, if you had one shot. Alliteration. Lonely roads got him. He knows he's grown farther . Lyrics Alliteration index. Alliteration is the repetition of a sound in the beginning of two or more words. We're looking for examples in music lyrics.Jeff Bass, one of Eminem's collaborators on "Lose Yourself," has said that a series of nonsensical words with phrases from one song followed by an idea for . Jul 15, 2014 . EMINEM SONGS "WHERE I'M GONE " Eminem songs about love,. songs using alliteration, songs using samples, songs used in 8 mile, . There are 2 particular instances in Eminem's song, “3AM”, that use alliteration in a more complex way than the usual consonant repeat. This is at what we will be . Hailie's Song (Now you probably get this picture from my public persona That I'm a pistol-packing drug-addict who bags on his momma, But I wanna just take . May 15, 2014 . The song that put Eminem on the map is line-for-line filled with lyrics. The alliteration and flow from this bar is a fantastic example of Eminem's . Aug 23, 2015 . Mix - Kizoa Video Maker: Songs with AlliterationYouTube · Alliteration Rap Song - Duration: 1:27. Songs For School 64,297 views · 1:27. Mar 16, 2016 . Elements of Poetry What is rhyme? Rhyme occurs when two words contain the same sound at the end of the words. Most, but not all, poetry . Mar 28, 2015 . Consonance, Assonance, and Alliteration in Hip-Hop/Rap. ALLITERATION, CONSONANCE AND ASSONANCE IN SONGS - Duration:. Rhyme: Why Eminem is one of the most impressive lyricists ever - Duration: 6:00.